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Tree [r7096] /

File Date Author Commit
branches 2010-04-26 yalnifj [r6961] updates for latest version of PHP
conf 2013-01-07 menegazzo [r7087]
db 2013-01-07 menegazzo [r7087]
hooks 2013-01-07 menegazzo [r7087]
locks 2013-01-07 menegazzo [r7087]
phpgedview 2013-01-07 menegazzo [r7087]
tags 2011-01-14 yalnifj [r7011] Tagging version 4.2.4
trunk 2013-09-04 canajun2eh [r7096] Remove files with Hebrew names in places/ISR
vendor_branches 2010-01-27 volschin [r6860] Update vendor branch for jquery to 1.4.1
vendor_tags 2010-01-27 volschin [r6861] Create vendor tag for jquery 1.4.1
README.txt 2013-01-07 menegazzo [r7087]
format 2013-01-07 menegazzo [r7087]

Read Me

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to avoid corrupting the repository.

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