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PhpGedView / News: Recent posts

New MySQL and Standard Version Released

The new MySQL version supports multiple gedcoms. Both versions come with improved support for character sets and an improved descendancy chart.

Posted by John Finlay 2003-02-20

PHPGedView for MySQL Just Released

Since I first opened the source for phpGedView people have been asking for a mysql version. Well, now it is here. Both versions work much the same except that on very large gedcoms (e.g. over 5MB large) you should use this Mysql version for improved performance.

Posted by John Finlay 2003-01-22

PHPGedView Version 1.1 Released

This release fixes several bugs, improves performance, especially with php 4.3, and adds new search functionality.

Posted by John Finlay 2003-01-10

PhpGedView 1.04 Increases Support for Multiple Marriages

The latest version of PhpGedView improves support for multiple marriages.

It also attempts to read the users language settings from the browser and switch to the appropriate language.

Look for a MySQL version to come out soon.

Posted by John Finlay 2002-12-10

PHPGedView Now Works with Register Globals OFF!

As of version 1.03, phpGedView no longer requires that register globals be on in order to work.

Other improvements, include better handling of multimedia links, and improved gedcom support especially in the family view.

Posted by John Finlay 2002-11-18

PHPGedView Version 1.0 Released

PHPGedView v1.0 is now available for download. It includes several new features including a timeline chart where you can place up to 4 individuals on a timeline and track how their lives overlapped.

Newer graphics and better template design also grace the phpGedView pages.

Posted by John Finlay 2002-10-09

phpGedView Now Available in FRENCH!!

Thanks to the work of Cristophe, we now have a French version of phpGedView-0.96b

Posted by John Finlay 2002-09-30

phpGedView takes one step closer to version 1.0

This release fixes some bugs that crop up in php 4.1.2 and adds limited support for gedcom v5.0. It also introduces individual and family lists divided into more pages by the first letter.

Posted by John Finlay 2002-08-15

phpGedView 0.95b in SPANISH!!

Thanks to the great work of phpGedView users, there is now a version of phpGedView 0.95b available in Spanish for download.

Posted by John Finlay 2002-07-23

New Version of phpGedView Released

This is the final beta release of phpGedView and its added functionality includes:
* GEDCOM Clippings Cart - This allows users to save selected portions of a GEDCOM for download
* User Interface Enhancements - Several icons have been added to add visual appeal and replace several text links that were hard to pinpoint before

Download it and check it out.

Posted by John Finlay 2002-07-15

phpGedView moves to Beta mode

With this release, phpGedView moves from Alpha to Beta stage. Added functionality includes support for images and other multimedia files. This release also adds a place hierarchy browser and improves performance on large gedcom files through the automatic creation of index files.

Testing has been done on a linux machine running php 4.0.6 and a windows machine running php 4.2.0. The largest GEDCOM file tested was 2.11 MB with approxamately 6500 individuals.

Posted by John Finlay 2002-07-09

phpGedView 0.8 Alpha Version Released

This is the best looking version yet. It also adds a great new descendancy chart feature.

Posted by John Finlay 2002-06-19

phpGedView 0.6 Alpha Version Released

The Latest release of phpGedView bring Internet genealogy literally to the next generation.

Posted by John Finlay 2002-06-14

phpGedView 0.6 Alpha Version Released

phpGedView Alpha version 0.6 is now available. This version adds source and family list views. Adds a link back to the pedigree chart on every page. It also includes the source view file that was left out of the 0.5 release and several bug fixes.

Posted by John Finlay 2002-06-14

It's Alive!!!

phpGedView releases first alpha version 0.5a

Posted by John Finlay 2002-06-11