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Welcome to the phpGedView feature request tracker!!! If you have a suggestion for phpGedView, then this is the place to let us know. Please try not to submit duplicate feature requests. If you are having the same idea as someone else, please add a comment under their submission.

Research Log

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated Priority
866 MARC record lookup? Research Log open 2007-09-22 2007-09-22 5  
765 Research Assistant: Assign or reassign tasks Research Log closed-fixed John Finlay 2007-02-11 2007-02-12 5  
214 Portable ResearchLog Research Log open 2004-02-10 2004-02-10 5  
177 Research log issue Research Log closed-out-of-date 2003-12-28 2005-08-19 1  
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