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  • John Finlay
    John Finlay

    Sometimes people get confused and associate a website using PhpGedView with the project and I get emails threatening to sue because someone has found private information in a PGV site.  I have to then explain that PGV is software and we don't collect or publish information.  I also try to help them contact the offending site.

    In this case the site appears to be Turkish and I was wondering if anyone might be able to help find more contact information.  Looking at the PGV site there is a lot of private information on there which is freely available.

    The Turkish entry point to the site is


    • Gerry Kroll
      Gerry Kroll

      The PGV entry point is and the bottom of the page gives "Yardim Rehberi" as the contact.

      If the discussion gets involved, you could enlist the help of Adem Genç.  His coordinates are .  Adem's command of English is weak.

    • ©TriMoon™

      Is this issue fixed yet?
      As far as i could tell they only show dead people's info but i could be wrong as i have not spend hours on their site :D

      Anyway doing a whois lookup on that DNS name revealed some info with tel#.

      Excerpt from public info:
      Registrant: Bayram Dokmeci
      Tel. +90.5428117112
      Creation Date: 28-Jun-2007
      Expiration Date: 28-Jun-2008

      The Tel# is a TR-GSM#, so i dont expect it tobe valid anymore, but if parties have legal needs to contact this person im sure the Turkish telecom can provide the neccesary info.
      Because in TR there is no such thing as anonymous telephone numbers not even prepaid types...

    • Soylar

      talks about my site. What... who is private???
      First of all thank you John, Greg, Gerry...and all others, who works hard for this Genealogy Software.
      Speaking about privacy, i always say to beginners:"once you start to reseach your ancestors you will notice that no one is private".
      Today, searching and finding information of living or death people, thanks to the internet is very easy.
      The main question should be: Who is private? Example, if we do know the privacy of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, Muhammed etc. these are very holy people to me, or some kings privacy: Pharaoh, Queen abc you name it. Or ministers, generalls, presidents etc. Or very rich, famos people, yes, some of them are still alive and we do know a lot of their privacy. We know of their wifes, children, grandfather, aso. We do look into their past, roots, images and videos. Are those peoples family not PRIVATE? Are we something better than those mentioning some above?
      Most of them are afraid John but we family/history resarcher, we do not hide.

    • From the recent post:

      "international laws about privacy"

      I would normally read that as "privacy legislation in different countries", but the text seem to indicate that there are indeed some international law regarding privacy in the internet.
      If there indeed is such a legislation I would be interested in hearing more about it.

      John Morten