Excuse me if this does no seem translation-related, but I think it will be apparent how it is.

I have submitted issue 1912861 to the bug tracker related to the language places are coded in.  I will not repeat myself here.

I have created place lists and place location lists for all provinces and municipalities in Spain.  I intend to submit them but I have found two problems.

First is hierarchy-related.  The maps for Spain use the region (Autonomous Community) as the second level and province as a third level.  This is a very reasonable thing to do, but I personally think it is overkill, I skip the region, I find it more natural and in some regions that have few municipalities and each has ten or more villages, it works better.  Now the question is, if I wanted to submit both versions, one including the regions for those who absolutely need it and one without them, would this be possible and how should it be laid out in the repository?  It is no problem for me to maintain both versions, I work from a master file set and I generate the rest from it.

Now the big problem is language-related.  Some parts of Spain have another official language besides Spanish.  Nothing out of this world, actually, and very common.  Problem is that official place names are pretty random and change now and then.  If you take the Basque Country, you will find places with only a Basque name (but with a Spanish name used traditionally that has become now unofficial) like Bergara vs. Vergara.  Places that have two names like Arrasate/Mondragón. Places that join in one single name both languages suchs as Donostia-San Sebastián but that are invariably known as one half of the full name  depending on the preferred language.  Using all the language versions concatenated seems to be the only supported choice, but it looks silly and produces unwieldy place names.

How do you handle cases like this?  Do you have any suggestion for me?

Thanks in advance,