Untranslated strings

  • There are a few strings that do not seem to have any translation in English, so other languages have not translated them either.  I list them with the file they are referenced in:

    readmefile_help (admin.php)
    changelog_help (admin.php)
    registry_help (admin.php)
    firstname_alpha_help (aliveinyear.php)
    show_cousins_help (ancestry.php)
    index_htmlplus_ui_help (blocks/block_htmlplus.php)
    apply_privacy_help (downloadgedcom.php)
    DMAX_DESCENDANCY_GENERATIONS_help (editconfig_gedcom.php)
    edit_REPO_help (edit_interface.php)
    edit_CALN_help (edit_interface.php)
    edit_REPO_NAME_help (edit_interface.php)
    edit_WWW_help (edit_interface.php)
    link_new_husband_help (includes/controllers/individual_ctrl.php)
    GOOGLEMAP_ENABLED_help (modules/googlemap/editconfig.php)
    lb_notes_info (modules/lightbox/functions/lb_call_js.php)
    edit_media_help (in RA forms)
    edit_DATE_help (modules/research_assistant/forms/ra_form.php)
    show_ids (reports/addresslabels.xml)
    multi_site_search_help (search.php)
    stpl_type (statisticsplot.php)
    useradmin_comment_help (useradmin.php)
    useradmin_comment_exp_help (useradmin.php)

    Hope the list is correct.

    Also faq_page is given a hardwired translation in faq.php, so it cannot be overridden by language files.


    • Gerry Kroll
      Gerry Kroll

      Thank you for this list.  I doubt that anything will be done about the English text before version 4.1.6 is released.

      However, if you wish to make an attempt at least for Spanish, please go ahead.  We can always use your Spanish text as a starting point for the English version.  We've done this before, where some text was created in Dutch or French and then was translated to English.  We just need to know which texts are involved.

      You can also update the English files yourself -- Any "errors" you make there can be corrected easily.

      I'll look at faq.php -- that needs to be corrected right away.

    • Gerry Kroll
      Gerry Kroll

      faq.php has been corrected.  I just removed the definition of $pgv_lang["faq_page"] and changed the reference to $pgv_lang["faq_list"].

      You don't have to do anything, since $pgv_lang["faq_list"] already exists in lang.en.php