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Re: [phpgedview:discussion] Migrating PHPGedView to Webtrees plus moving to new server

  • David Ledger
    David Ledger

    At 02:44 +0000 2/10/13, Robert Sterry wrote:
    I have finally decided to bite the bullet and move from PHPGedView to
    Webtrees. At the same time I want to prepare an installation that I can
    eventually upload to a new host server.

    Ideally I would like to first create a version of PHPGedView/Webtrees using
    localhost [on XAMPP] to make sure it's all working correctly before
    uploading to a new server.

    I am familiar with doing this with a Joomla website installation but not
    sure if PGV and/or Webtrees works the same.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Webtrees is a shadow of PHPGedView from the point of view of the
    genealogy user. The main problem is that the different classes of
    data are badly managed in the user display. PHPGedView lets you see
    multiple classes in one Window/Tab, and all are downloaded so
    switching between classes is 'instant'. Webtrees only lets you see
    one and changing means a delay while it downloads. Worse than that,
    if you view one class in one tab and another class for the same
    person in another tab, refreshing the first then displays the class
    of the second rather than the class you set it up to display. This
    makes it very frustrating to use as you have to spend thought and
    effort controlling the interface that should be spent handling the

    It looks like it's designed for users who can't get the concept of
    multiple Tabs/Windows and who work using the MS-Windows one Window


    David Ledger - Freelance Unix Sysadmin in the UK.