Upgrade from 4.1.x to 4.2.4

  • Spingerfitz

    My Hosting provider upgraded PHP to 5.3.6. Now my PGV version 4.1.x reports PHP errors like:
    ERROR 2: get_class() expects parameter 1 to be object, integer given
    0 Error occurred on in function get_class
    1 called from line 589 of file DB.php in function isError
    2 called from line 550 of file DB.php in function connect
    3 called from line 92 of file functions.php in function check_db
    4 called from line 616 of file session.php in function require_once
    5 called from line 69 of file config.php in function require_once
    6 called from line 28 of file index.php

    I've read the upgrade instructions and I've made a MySQL-backup. Now I should export a GEDCOM-file as well?
    But I can't run admin.php anymore..

    So, how to upgrade to 4.2.4 without loosing my data?

  • Stephen Arnold
    Stephen Arnold

    Yes, IIRC, 4.1.x will not run with 5.3.6 (may I ask - with 5.4 released and 5.3.10 the last version of 5.3.x why would the host upgrade to a version that is OVER a year old (17 MAR 2011)??  I would find a better host.

    If you can not output your GEDCOM because 4.1.x isn't running, how would you do it? Yes, you need a current GEDCOM to reimport into v4.3. (NOT 4.2.4)

  • ggpauly

    Unfortunately there have been major db changes since your version.  How bad off are you?  Do you have a Gedcom that you can start from and re-enter recent changes?   If you know a little SQL you should be able to get recently changed records from your MySQL backup.

    If you need to upgrade, you'll probably have to install an old php version and old PGV version on your own computer and export a gedcom to start with.  With the exported Gedcom in hand, use the latest version of PGV for your new site - see https://sourceforge.net/projects/phpgedview/forums/forum/185166/topic/4392768

    If none of these options seem good to you let me know (george {a  t} ancestortree {d  o t} net) or perhaps someone else on the forum will have a good idea.


  • Tony Pollard
    Tony Pollard

    Did you set the parameter to update the Gedcom when you changed the database?  if you did you will be able to retrieve a copy from the index file the

  • Stephen Arnold
    Stephen Arnold

    In addition to substantially slowing down the site and thrashing/trashing the system's hard drives, you can not be sure the this file has all the changes and/or has not been corrupted. This file is replaced, in its entirety, with every approved change - rewritten to disk over the top of the previous file, thousands and thousands of times.  Not very reliable.

    It would be far better to download your SQL, use your laptop or desktop machine with an older PHP and export or download a fresh copy to use to upgrade to v4.3 SVN.  BTW, although I have done some PHPv5.4 testing, there are some code problems and I am not confident that these will be able to be addressed by any developers.  Most are (so far) simple definitions of integers, but there may be other issues not yet discovered.  We may well be reaching an EOL for the software for those that update PHP.