new PDF pedigree reports

  • taine gilliam
    taine gilliam

    First, let me say I LOVE the new charts and the reports option.

    So now my question is: how does one go about setting the number of generations for the PDF pedigree reports.


    • John Finlay
      John Finlay

      Hi taine,

      This first release of the pedigree charts only allows for generating 1 page at a time.  So right now you can only do a 5 generation chart.

      In the future I hope to do charts with larger paper sizes and also make it multiple pages.

      Actually the hope is that the PGV user community will help in making reports and sharing them.  The report templates are stored in the "reports" directory and are simple XML files.

      The report engine isn't quite finished yet as I have to figure out how to do a filtered list report template so that you could get all of the individuals born between 1800 and 1900 in Ohio and things like that.  I tried to get this report into this release, but I wasn't able to because it was too slow.