Downloaded GEDCOM - media path issue

  • kaat

    It's a small thing; maybe I'll make a feature request, but I wonder if anyone else cares? ...

    When you download a GEDCOM from a PGV site, all the linked media paths for added media files are "./media" - not surprising, since this is the relative path used in the HTML. Trouble is, when importing the GEDCOM to a desktop genealogy program, that path is never going to be valid, since you can't have folders named "."

    Of course, you can update the paths in your program, but I use Legacy, and (I think) you have to change each media file's path individually - a right pain. Could PGV be modified to either (a) allow a choice of mdeia path, or (b) at least remove the period from the path?


    • John Finlay
      John Finlay

      The ./media is defined in your gedcom configuration, so you can change this yourself for all future adds by editing your configuration and removing the ./ from the media and and just making it media/

      I will set the default so that it doesn't include in the ./ anymore.

      Now to fix your current gedcom just open the gedcom up in a text editor and do a search and replace for all of the ./  That will fix the media that have already been added.