Unrecognized GEDCOM Code: _UPD

  • Bernard

    I have imported a GEDCOM file from the 'MyHeritage' software and I can access the data OK but when looking at
    'Personal Facts and Details' I get the error 'Unrecognized GEDCOM Code: _UPD' in two of the cells.
    It says I should report this error, but not who to.
    I think '_UPD' stands for UPDATED as the field contains a date and time.
    Each person shows 2 of these '_UPD' fields, each containing a different date and time.
    Any help would be appreciated please.

  • Stephen Arnold
    Stephen Arnold

    Manage GEDCOMS >  Configuration file = EDIT > Hide and Show > Hide GEDCOM errors = YES

  • Bernard

    Thank you Stephen, that has stopped the error cells from showing.
    Should I report the error to someone - or will that someone have read this error report here?

  • Gerry Kroll
    Gerry Kroll

    Don't bother reporting this "error".  It's not a problem with PhpGedView.  Rather, it's a problem with your original GEDCOM.

    Your MyHeritage program is producing a GEDCOM containing identifiers ("tags") that are not in the GEDCOM standard.  In this case, I would guess that the "_UPD" tag identifies either the user or the date when a GEDCOM record was last updated.

    If you absolutely NEED to notify anyone, you should notify the people responsible for creating or updating MyHeritage.  You could suggest that they implement an option on the database export that allows the user to request a standard-compliant GEDCOM or one that is allowed to contain non-compliant tags such as _UPD.  They should use either the 5.5 or the 5.5.1 GEDCOM standard.  5.5.1 is preferred.

  • Damsbo

    Hi bapfish,
    Just one of the many peculiar codes with MyHeritage (otherwise great program, but the output incl web, sucs)
    The _UPD is in fact update. I have translated in other programs into the accepted CHAN code. Try that.