Unknown GEDCOM-code: _NEW

Tinus Gort
  • Tinus Gort
    Tinus Gort

    I have imported a GEDCOM file from the 'Aldfaer' software.
    'Personal Facts and Details' I get the error 'Unrecognized GEDCOM Code: _NEW
    'Any help would be appreciated please.

  • Stephen Arnold
    Stephen Arnold

    PGV is very tolerant of other software programs, using most of the well-recognized tags and some custom tags.
    Any tag beginning with an underscore _XXX  is one of these customs tags. You can very the documentation of Aldfaer to see why it creates and to what purpose it uses this tag (I can't imagine why), and you can use a text editor to convert it to a more recognized tag - BUT, that is not necessary. Simply turn off GEDCOM errors and it will go away (from display, not from your GEDCOM).