3.2 beta feedback

  • Wow!  Very beautiful program!

    You have worked around the php 4.3.8 bug on the pedigree chart.  Great!  This is why I intalled the beta.

    In edit_privacy.php, "Limit Privacy by age of Event" has no help and is a new, non-self explanatory item (I am clueless.  Needs a pop-up help.

    In edit_privacy.php, "Age at which to assume a person is dead" defaults on new install to "<br />".  Should it default to 110?

    In edit_privacy.php, "Show living names" defaults to "Show to public" and changes old conf file style to that default.  Should default be "Show to authenticated only"?

    • John Finlay
      John Finlay

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the feedback.  I've added help text for the new privacy setting and fixed the age setting defaulting to <br />.

      The "Show living names" has always defaulted to "Show to public".


    • * In general, 3.2 beta is not preserving a lot of the settings  I had in old style formats and files.  "Show living names" I described above is one value that gets erased.  Also all my 18 users had no privileges once I installed 3.2.  This is of course only an inconvenience, and I am up and running just fine now.  Perhaps I also missed an opportunity to convert automatically by failing to use some upgrade tool.

      * On user admin page, it is a little confusing that I, for example have "User Can Administer" but None Edith.ged, None kdhaws.ged, None rwshum.ged.  For display on the page at least, should global super admin privilege propagate down into full gedcom privileges?

      * The user admin page shows super privileges in red, which is nice, but I am starting to see a lot of red.  Could you consider the little extra effort of making Edit green, Accept Yellow, and Admin Red, or something like that?

      Even more impressed.  Great version AND great beta!


    • When setting up a brand new user, I get a undefined oldlanguage variable when I save the user settings.