PGV Site registration

  • István Pető
    István Pető


    it's good to see the number of registered PGV sites growing... However, it'd be cool if people can use this feature other ways besides the imporvement of site traffic. I have thought it over and found out the following possible development ways:
    - Advanced searching/filtering methods: Since many useful attributes of the sites (like suported languages and version) are stored in DB, I think it'd be quite easy to make possible that people can filter the registered sites by them...
    - As I wrote in my previous post, ordering the sites by date can help us to pick up the latest registrations.
    - Maybe it wouldn't be useless if an email address would be required (or users can set an email addy) in order to inform them e.g. about the latest releases... I saw that lots of the registered sites have v3.0 and a few of them still have v2.xx :O I think thay can be encouraged to upgrade by the help of these 'newsletters'...


  • John Finlay
    John Finlay

    Sourceforge already has ways to monitor file packages so that you can be notified when a new release is available.

    Also, even if people upgraded, they would still have to come back to the registry page and update their entry with the new version number.

    I think that a list of the most recent registrations is a good idea. I just haven't had time to program it.

    I have hopes to be able to use this list to create a global PGV search.  I think it would be cool to search all of the PGV sites in the world from a central location.

    So much to do... so little time ;)