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Web Site and META Tag Settings + Picture

  • Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if I could place a picture instead of text in the configuration file.
    It's because of the many daily visits on my website
    I do have my own business, and would like to ad my company logo in the standard layout. So there would be a slight change I can get some business out of my genealogy website.

    Thanks, Martin

  • Thomas52

    I added a promo to my footer. In the theme directory, and the directory for your default theme, you can modify the footer.php by adding at the very end. This results in a promo being at the bottom of 10,000 pages.  I think this can be as helpful as a logo, but you might do something similar.  See for an example.

  • Hey Thomas,

    First I do have to make some apologies to you, because of my very late reaction on your response.

    Thanks for your suggestion, I'm aware of creating text in the template, but what I really would like is adding a business logo/picture next to the text.

    See my website;

    At the very top there is the name of the GEDCOM file; "Een Giessendamse Familie van Wijngaarden"
    Direct beneath is the following tag; O M N I G R A P H X - Uw grafisch partner voor inkoopbegeleiding & projectmanagement.
    This quote is click-able, it will direct you to my business website.
    In front of the text I will place a company logo.

    So, I do hope I've make myself more clear about my wish.

    With regards,

    Martin van Wijngaarden

  • Gerry Kroll
    Gerry Kroll

    The top of each page is generated by "header.php" in each theme.

    Make your change there.

    For proper text alignment, you might have to add another table within the existing table row.

    In the PGV 4.2.3 Wood theme, the line number in question is 100.