Well done everyone

  • Paul McGrath
    Paul McGrath

    Not wanting to sound too gushy.

    I would just like to say, well done to the developers and other people who support PHPGedView.

    All the contacts I've made who have seen my site are incredibly jealous and want one! 

    I've only had it 1 month and am running 3 trees on it.  I love my family tree site.

    I am not qualifying anything here.  To all prospective or new users, it may look daunting at first but stick with it as it is miles better than other free and payfor versions.  I've asked a few questions on the forums and received very good responses.  Also take some time to read the wiki as it is very helpful.

  • Victor H.
    Victor H.

    Have I mentioned lately that this software rocks? It has become like an old friend.