Sosa on individual page

  • Cyril


    Another request to have the Sosa number displayed on the individual page.
    It would work the same way as the root person : defined for logged in user, and a default one for non logged visitors. A plus would be to have the possibility to define any individual to be the root (sosa #1) on the fly, same as it is done with geneweb.

    Having the Sosa number displayed on the individual page would help navigate and get back on track after going through brothers/sisters children, etc…

    Jonathan did already some work on it for PGV, it can be seen on his website :

    May be it is possible to review his work and integrate it into the official PGV release ?

    Thanks for considering this request.

  • Thomas52

    icaunais:  The best means a requesting a new feature is to go to "Tracker" on the Menu Bar above, then to "Feature Requests."  Explain your request in as much detail as necessary, along with any justification or reasons you wish to include.  There are MANY feature requests, and this is where they are reviewed and prioritized, discussed and considered basis on time and manpower (volunteers.)

  • Cyril

    There was already a request submitted some time ago…

    But could not find any reason for not having this feature since 2005 (date of the request). (Hum, appart "no ressource" or "the original requestor came back one year later…")

    I second that old request, not sure that was the best option, but I don't want to duplicate requests.

  • kiwi_pgv

    I'm not sure what you are referring to on Jonathan's site. If you mean the "Patronymic Lineages", that is very similar (not the same) as PGV's Lists -> Branches option (recently added), which does use SOSA numbering (as do Descendancy charts).

  • Greg Roach
    Greg Roach

    IIRC there is also a request to highlight direct-line ancestors, which is pretty much the same thing.

    <<But could not find any reason for not having this feature>>

    This sounds like half a day's work - plus the time of all the translators.

  • Cyril

    That's indeed close to the request to highlight direct-line ancestors.

    From Jonathan's site, take that page :

    You see an "S  610 (G10)"
    Sosa 610, and I guess the tenth generation.
    That's what I would like to have.

  • Jon48


    As author of the concerned site, I would be happy to help you in the development of such a request.

    FYI, the way I implemented it is not very dynamic, as I added a new table, dedicated to Sosa ancestors (mainly for statistics performances). And as I realised that amending this table is quite complex, I've just implemented a manual process to fill the Sosa table . So if you have other ways to do it, I'd be glad to get your feed-back.

    By the way, for the "Patronymic Lineages" (I'm not sure it means something in English) module, it is indeed quite close to the branches feature, but I developed it before it was implemented, and I wanted to keep some functionalities as the birth towns, the algorithm behind (which allows managing changes in the surname), and the "first-letter" search.


  • André DUMAS
    André DUMAS


      I agree with the previous message and consider that sosa numbers are a very good help specially with very large genealogies. A  subsequent condition is that anyone could define a root sosa for iits own navigation like ion Geneanet. A very good example.
    Sosa is an attribut which is inherent  to any genealogy so it's very amazing that we cannot find it in PGV.
    Jonathan work is a good example and could be a very good base of implementation.
    Thanks to consider that request that many people demand
    Happy Christmas