Importing Gedcom file stops at 10%

  • Peter Salamon
    Peter Salamon

    Please help. the import process of the gedcom file does not go over 10%, the time lapses away and it starts again… over and over…
    I have tried re-naming the gedcom, doing away with non essential fields… to no avail.
    Anyone has experienced this?

  • Stephen Arnold
    Stephen Arnold

    Lots of configuration questions, and you've provided nothing to go on.
    PGV version. I hope your are using 4.3 (svn). The import routine had some improvements over v4.2 and v4.3.
    PGV memory (and master memory)?
    Format of the GEDCOM? UTF8, ANSI, ASCI, etc  (if ANSI, you could have a problem). What software created it?
    How large is the GEDCOM? mb and/or INDI count?
    What value did you set for the "time"? Have you tried lowering it? 10-15 seconds could be good.
    PHP version and time out settings?
    I can think of more, but this will give us a good basis for guessing at your problem.

  • Gerry Kroll
    Gerry Kroll

    You should be using the "Help" forum, since you're actually asking for help.

    It's possible that the time-out is actually too short.