#2833 Show Multiple Spouses in Interactive Tree doesn't work

Ken Brown

I have a half sister through from my mother's previous marriage. The individual page for my mother has three family IDs (one for her parents, one for her first marriage and one for her second). I can see my sister on the first marriage and I can see myself on the second. Additionally, I can do a Relationship Chart between my sister and myself and it correctly identifies us as half siblings. However, when I go to the Interactive Tree, I cannot see my sister or her biological father. If I click on "Show or hide multiple spouses," The tree shape near my wife and I changes slightly, but my sister and her biological father are still not there. I have tried this on Chrome (Windows and Mac), Firefox (Windows) and Internet Explorer (Windows) with identical results. Is there something I'm missing here?


  • Gerry Kroll
    Gerry Kroll

    This works for me. I'm using the SVN version - 4990.

    Can you e-mail me with a userid/pw and the URL so that I can see for myself? You'll have to give me precise instructions on how to reproduce this problem on your site. I won't need any special permissions, other than the normal "access".

    gkroll at keldine dot ca