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#280 Search & Private Individuals

John Finlay
Gary Bartlett

Before logging in, a Search will not display the names
of any private individual, whereas the Individual List
will. I believe that it should list the private
individuals the same way that the Individual List
displays them, i.e. with text saying they are private.



  • KosherJava

    Logged In: YES

    There is one problem with doing this. The reason to hide
    names ranges from security (identity theft) to paranoia to
    people just not comfortable with their names available on
    the net. The problem with what you are suggesting is that if
    someone searches for an exact name and is told that there is
    one private match, bingo they know you exsist.

  • Gary Bartlett
    Gary Bartlett

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    But these individuals are still visible through the
    Individual List and elsewhere throughout PGV (marked Private
    as expected). This is as configured by the site
    administrator (via the "Show living names" privacy setting).
    Why should the Search function act differently and ignore
    this setting? This behavior is different than 3.2 -- is
    this change of functionality configurable/documented, or is
    it really a bug?

  • John Finlay
    John Finlay

    • assigned_to: nobody --> yalnifj
    • status: open --> open-works-for-me
  • John Finlay
    John Finlay

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    It depends on what you are searching for... if you are
    searching for the person's name... then they should appear in
    the search results... if you are searching for information in the
    private area of the individual's record they will not be shown
    for privacy.

    For example if you searched for 2005 you could find all of the
    people who have dates in 2005. This would be a way to get
    around the privacy restrictions with a few bright guesses.

    This new behavior is the result of a bug that was filed which
    highlighted this privacy error. As the person's name is not in
    the private area of the record you should still get them listed
    if you searched for them by name.


  • Patrik Hansson
    Patrik Hansson

    • status: open-works-for-me --> closed-works-for-me