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#1935 (2680) Deleting family puts user in confusion

Wes Groleau

Verified today in SVN 2680 but I believe it has been there for a long time.

If you are on a family page and select "Delete Family," you get a confirmation window saying it has happened.

When that is dismissed, the main window goes to something like http://unigen.us/PGV/family.php?famid=F1244&show_changes=yes which looks like a normal family page with all details except family number missing. All the links are there to add husband/wife/child/facts but they produce errors.

An experienced user won't be much bothered, but a newbie,
especially if also new to computers (like my mother!) will be very confused.

Suggested solution:

1. When any action implies the retrieval of a record that does not exist, do not display anything that resembles part of a form or display for a record that does exist.

Instead, display a clear, concise statement that it does not exist. Do not suggest that it exists but is "unavailable due to privacy restrictions."

2. Instead of a popup confirming deletion, replace main window with that confirmation. Perhaps include links to jump to any of the persons just unlinked from that family.


  • Greg Roach
    Greg Roach

    • milestone: --> v4.1.3