submit process "error"

  • yeti91

    Hi from France,

    First of all, it's a great tool and I enjoy it !

    I think there is a "wrong logic process" in this tool. I explain :
    1 - After i have filled a form i click on submit.
    2 - The "thank you" page is loading.
    3 - Due to my fingers, i notice a mistake.
    4 - I go back and modify, then submit again.

    The actual process send 1 mail and record data in MySQL each time the "thank you "page is loading (if no error: email or required field)... aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!!! ;-)

    It would be fine modify this process... ie: send email and record data only after validation of the "thank you" page.

    Easy to modify for PHP insider, not easy for the rest.

    Just an idea !

    • Musawir Ali
      Musawir Ali

      If all the required form fields have been entered, the email will be sent and it will be entered in the database as well. How do you think the program would know that you have made a mistake due to your fingers and that it should not send email or put in database? This has nothing to do with the logic of the program, the logic is perfectly alright. What you are hinting at is some sort of AI mechanism which would some how detect that you have made a mistake. Sorry, but this is just a simple form generator and nothing more.

      • yeti91

        Hello Musawir,

        I'm not hinting for an IA mechanism, just a process allowing to :
        1 - create a form (the webmaster)
        2 - fill the form (the user)
        2 - create a "thank you" page  (phpform) to be validate
        3 - validation of the "thank you" page (the user)
        4 - Send mail and record data (phpform).

        Just a step of "validation of the thnak you page" to specify in the wizard... if possible to add.

        Nothing more...