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Permissions change went crazy !!

  • Hi, I cannot reproduce the problem, but at one point fm changed all the files, including dot and dot-dot (meaning this directory and the one above) to 0 permissions, I had to have the whole website removed.

    • Herb Sandy
      Herb Sandy

      This seems to be a problem with this script.  You change the permissions for a file or a directory and the change gets applied to directory, the parent directory, etc.   Stay away from changing permissions with this script!

    • Hi, I solved the problem and added it as a patch for the phpFileManger here at sourceforge.

      This patch also adds German translation and set the default permissions for directories to 0755 and for files to 0644.

      Would be nice, if you have some feedback for me.

    • Paul Lautman
      Paul Lautman

      Whereabouts do I find this patch?

    • Paul Lautman
      Paul Lautman

      Ahh, I have quite a few patches for this too!

      Can we make a new release?

    • david62

      "Can we make a new release?"

      A new release of File Manager is under development. The new version will include bug fixes, patches and some new features, but since I am not a developer for this project I am not in any position to give you any indication of timescale or what specific form the new version will take.

      In the meantime though I have a version of my own which I developed mainly for my own use under the terms of the GPL. You can download it at the following address:


      • keesd

        This is really good! Much more user friendly as the 1.0.5 version.

        Good work!