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After a long time, new PHP Explorer version

Well, life wasn't easy last year so I couldn't really make major changes to PHP Explorer.
A friend of mine (thanks Ruben!) told me that there was something weird happening on the download page: when you wanted to download the .php script, it was actually being executed, so you could navigate thorugh SourceForge! I'm really sorry about this, people.
On the brighter side, some changes have been made to the script, it now produces fully HTML 4.0 compilant code, and minor changes were made here, there and everywhere.
Oh, and if you want to contribute on this mini-project, don't hesitate on e-mailing me at

Posted by Marcelo Mottalli 2002-01-08

Welcome to PHP Explorer

Welcome and let me introduce this little yet powerful script: PHP Explorer allows you to browse a server computer and make changes remotely using a web interface. Just as simple as that, it has many, many features you will find helpful at your task as a system administrator or webmaster.
Currently I am having problems logging at's CVS and SSH accounts, if someone can help me _please_ send an email to

Posted by Marcelo Mottalli 2000-12-29