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#9 code overhall


Not sure of the protocol here. This is a significant
code overhall that I created out of necessity. I
renamed the module and files to avoid conflict with
previous work. I took care of most bugs (that I could
decifer) and integrated the active patches. Notably, I
have a number of tasks that read spreadsheets as
associated arrays (hashes) in Perl, so I added an
object to do that here. Also, if a filename is given to
the class constructor it will connect to that file
without having to make a second read. The included demo
and testcase.xls work for me and provide fairly clear
examples of formats and objects. Changes include:

* Modelled moreso after Perl Excel Parse/Write modules
* Added Parse_Excel_Spreadsheet object
+ Reads whole worksheet as row,column array or as
+ hash of indexed rows and named column fields
* Added variables for worksheet indexes and names
* Added an object call for loading individual woorksheets
* Changed default indexing defaults to 0 based arrays
* Fixed date/time and percent formats
* Includes patches found at SourceForge...
+ unicode patch by nobody
+ unpack("d") machine depedency patch by matchy
+ boundsheet utf16 patch by bjaenichen
* Renamed functions for shorter names
* General code cleanup, including <80 column width
* Included a testcase Excel file and PHP example calls
* Code works for PHP 5.x

Hope others find this useful,



  • canyoncasa

    Excel Spreadshheet Parser Zip