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J White
  • J White
    J White

    Does anyone know if the latest version of reader.php supports formula's in the Excel file?
    I saw a note that says 2b (or 1.0) dont, as if to suggest versions later than 2b do. But does anyone know?

    I have an Excel file that has one cell with a formula that concatenates strings from other cells, and currently it just sees this as a blank cell when it reads the Excel file from PHP.

    Thanks Jon

    • mmp

      I have written the code (in an older version) to support formulas returning strings.

      You can see the code at:
      Search for 'mmptext' to see the added portions of code.

      Two caveats:
      1. the constants (e.g. Spreadsheet_Excel_Reader_Type_STRING) are now all uppercase (e.g. SPREADSHEET_EXCEL_READER_TYPE_STRING).
      2. there is some debug code included that you will want to remove once the string formulas are working.

      Good luck,