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PHPDictionary 3.0b Released!

As the administrator of the PHPDictionary project, I am proud to announce the release of PHPDictionary 3.0b. The script is being released as a beta because of lack of testing after the installation script was written. However, the script was fully tested prior to the creation of that script. There are a few features that will not work, which is because they have not been coded yet.

PHPDictionary has taken a gigantic leap since its original release. Not only is it now programmed by a team as opposed to an individual, the entire layout and organization of the code has been restructured. Among the new features are: a Multi-User Login (MUL) system, a word generator, a phrasebook, a text tool, and an all-new user interface.... read more

Posted by Aaron Morse 2005-04-01

PHPDictionary 3.0 Coming Soon

PHPDictionary 3.0, despite unfortunate delays, should be released soon. The release was planned for Monday, but errors in the installation script have caused a slight delay.

It will definitely be out by the end of the week, however.

Posted by Aaron Morse 2005-03-22

v2.2 Released

PHPDictionary v2.2 has been released. This version contains some major bugfixes -- if you have a working version in the 2.0 series you are fine, if not, download and install this.

Posted by Aaron Morse 2004-11-29

PHPDictionary 2.1

This version has just been released -- it fixes two bugs. The first one was a problem with a doubly-declared mysql_connect()

The second was a minor problem with the admin login script. Both have been satisfactorily fixed!

Posted by Aaron Morse 2004-10-15

Bug Found

A bug has been found in PHPDictionary 2.0 . Unfortunately, I am away and don't have all my files, therefore the fix will be a little late. If you are at least intermediate PHP you should be able to fix it yourself simply by seeing what the error is.

Posted by Aaron Morse 2004-10-09

PHPDictionary 2 Released

Welcome to PHPDictionary 2.0!


PHPDictionary is a script written in PHP ( and SQL (specificall, MySQL) to allow
conlangers to create dictionaries of their constructed languages. (For more information on conlangs
and conlangers, see


1. Dictionary
2. Phrasebook
3. Installer
4. Password-protected Administration
5. Config file... read more

Posted by Aaron Morse 2004-09-29

PHPDictionary 2.0 In the Works

PHPDictionary 2.0 is in the works -- release is hoped to be within 3-4 days. The new features will include a phrasebook option (finally!), and an option to export your dictionary to an excel spreadsheet! (Excel spreadsheets can be opened by -- open source and free word processor)

Along with that a new and more easily editable templating system will be added -- you will still need to know CSS but to edit the layout you only have one php file to edit!... read more

Posted by Aaron Morse 2004-09-17

PHPDictionary v1.5.8 Released

This release has a few more substantial changes than the last but is still not a full new version. It fixes a bug that was made apparent when I attempted to delete an entry for a conlang word but there were two entries under that word. Both were deleted. Now it also requires the english word, so you can specify which one you want deleted.

Posted by Aaron Morse 2004-08-26

PHPDictionary v1.5 Released

PHPDictionary is a piece of software written in PHP and MySQL that allows creators of conlangs
(constructed languages) to create dictionaries for their languages. This new version offers several
new features and improves upon others.

The Admin CP has finally been completed. It is password-protected using HTTP-Authentication and gives the admin the ability to add, edit and delete dictionary entries. The previous version only supported the add feature, and that was available to any user -- not just the admin.... read more

Posted by Aaron Morse 2004-08-12

PHPDictionary 1.0 Released

To start off the project we decided to release a version before it was necessarily completed. The only thing missing is the CP, where only the admin can add/edit/delete entries. However, following the mantra "release soon and often" we've released a half-version as soon as possible. It is still servicable, it simply isn't as powerful as the full version will be!

Posted by Aaron Morse 2004-08-06