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Developer CVS created and upto date

The CVS server is now in completely upto date. I created a new module.

If you want to checkout the CVS use the module 'noah_html'. This is the official development version of the PHP Architect source code.

Posted by fatman 2005-04-09

Preview Release Available

A preview release has been made available. This release will install a complete sample NoAh web site and features the sample module NoEvents (a basic event and image manager).

This release can be installed on any PHP web server however testing has only been conducted on Apache1.3 and Apache2

Posted by fatman 2005-04-01

Screen shots added.

oooo Screen shots. These were taken on a Mac which does a very nice job with the XUL templates.

Posted by fatman 2005-03-12

Beta Source in CVS

The Beta Source code for NoAh Content Architect version 0.9 is now in the CVS repository. This version comes with no install documentation at this point, but all that's really needed is to stick the files on a webserver and modify the file html/www/noah_conf.php

More general documentation on NoAh can be found at

Posted by fatman 2005-02-27

Project details and beta release coming soon.

Excellent to see the project approved. A beta version of the system will be added to the CVS shortly.

Posted by fatman 2005-02-25