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Release Delay

It looks like Jan 01 is a little too optimistic for a release, given my other responsibilities and the holidays. However, the new release will be coming soon!

Posted by Devin Humbert 2009-12-28

Release, Holidays

Happy Holidays!

I'll be out of town at various times throughout the next two weeks for the holidays, but I've decided that my release target is Jan. 01, 2010.

So look for release 1.0b on Jan. 01, 2010!

Posted by Devin Humbert 2009-12-18

SVN Not Stable

Just a reminder - I'm doing a rewrite of the application. This means that SVN is NOT STABLE.

Posted by Devin Humbert 2009-12-17

phpAbook Adopted Again

Hello everyone!

phpAbook has been adopted again, this time by Devin Humbert. It will be undergoing a rewrite for php5 compatibility. Expect something to be released in a few weeks at the most. Subscribe to the mailing list for updates.

Posted by Devin Humbert 2009-12-17

phpAbook has been adopted

phpAbook has been adopted by Steve Gula and is under maintenance to bring it in line with PHP5. It includes support for MySQL, MSSQL, and PostgreSQL as well as upgraded security (passwords are now salted).

If you are looking to use this application please contact Steve Gula @ steve dot gula at gmail and give him some input as to desired features.

Posted by Steve Gula 2007-12-20

Can't Support phpAbook Any Longer

I've gotten a few emails over the past year or so and I've tried my best to help people. At this point I've decided that I can't support this app any longer. I just don't have the time.

Posted by Randy Sesser 2005-10-07

Development Has Stopped

Sorry to say but, I don't have the time to work on this project any more. I had plans to write a new version and I would like to but I don't see that happening in the near future.

Posted by Randy Sesser 2003-04-14

New Version...

New version of phpAbook is available. The upside is that it's compatible with PHP 4.2.x. The downside is that it's no longer compatible with versions prior to 4.1.0

Posted by Randy Sesser 2002-11-08

CVS != Stable

I am working from the CVS tree so don't bother downloading unless you want to help me out. It doesn't work and there's no telling when it will at this point. So, only download if you're interested in fixing my mistakes :)

Posted by Randy Sesser 2002-11-06

No comply

Just an FYI: the current version of phpAbook is not compatible with PHP-4.2.x. I will not be upgrading this version. I am working on a different version that is much mor compatible and plays nice with all versions of PHP.

Posted by Randy Sesser 2002-10-20

phpAbook is moving in

I am moving this project to . why? because of several reasons. but the most important one is that will open phpAbook to a wider audience in the open source community. It might take a while for me to settle in, but this will hopefully spark some life into phpAbook...since it's kind of been in hibernation the past couple of months.

Posted by Randy Sesser 2002-04-09