Command line

18 hours ago
  • boy157

    Could you help me with make slideshow in command line?
    It is possible?

    I found smt like this:

    photofilmstrip-cli -p photofilmstrip.pfs -o /mnt/sda8/video_files/dvd -t 2 -n p -l 50 -a audio.mp3

    but is necessary create project file in GUI firstly.

    I would like to make some script, that automatically make me video from picture. No GUI.

    Anyone help me? Thanks.

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  • Matt K
    Matt K
    1 day ago

    I am also trying to do this ... did you ever find a solution?


  • Jens Göpfert
    Jens Göpfert
    18 hours ago

    the command line interface is intended to do better batch processing rendering projects. You probably can try to create a template PhotoFilmStrip for example with 10 pictures in it. Before executing your commandline you have to exchange the pictures in the folder where your PhotoFilmStrip project is expecting them. Just by copying other pictures with same filenames. If you do this the picutres must have the same dimenstions (width and height), because the rectangles for the movement should fit.
    Another way could be to completely create a PFS project by yourself. It is just a simple sqlite3 database. Just check an exisiting pfs file with a database browser (e.g. sqlitebrowser). I think the schema is quite self explaining ;-)