#30 Icons used in wrong ways

Interface (14)

Some icons in the interface are used in a wrong way, with the risk of confusing users.
I'm using the stock Gnome icon theme, but with other themes it would be the same; the errors I notice are the following:

Job Queue:
- each job is marked with the "two gears" (system-run.png) icon generally used (also in PhotoFilmStrip) for "Settings"
- there is a "left arrow" (go-previous.png) icon used to abort the job, it should instead be used the "stop sign" (process-stop.png) icon
- when a job is aborted, there is a "stop sign"(process-stop.png) icon to remove it from the queue, it should be used the "broom" (edit-clear.png) icon instead
- at the end of each job, there is a "down arrow" (go-down.png) icon, where instead there should be a simple drop down menu (or maybe the "two gears"(system-run.png) mentioned above)

Project page:
- the icons used for "rotate left" and "rotate right" are actually "edit-undo" and "edit-redo". There exists "object-rotate-left" and "object-rotate-right" icons in standard themes.

Main program window:
- the "V" icon to render the project, whilst could be correct as you actually "are done" with the editing, could be unclear and misleading. You could maybe hijack "video-x-generic.png"; it would be used improperly, but it would be more clear. Or maybe you could have someone to put up an custom icon ;)