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#2 Unable to discover a repository

P. Schwindt


when I try to discover a repository, I only get a log of error messages. Files are being imported to the images table, but there are no preview images and things like that.

I think there's an error on my site, but at this time I can't imagine what's wrong.

(Script output can be seen at\)


Peter Schwindt


  • You are trying to catalog and then get weird errors like unable to open temporary files?

    If that is the case you might want to look ate your ImageMagick convert if
    it has JPEG or (whatever image form you are using) capabilities. I feel
    for that one :)

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  • It seems to me that PHP doesn\'t have permissions to the images in that directory. Try \"chmod 644 /var/www/htdocs/schweden/ -Rvf\". Also, the images don\'t *have* to be under the web root. They can be in any part of the file system, and that, in fact, provides for more security if you are concerned about that.

  • P. Schwindt
    P. Schwindt

    hmm... could have been the solution - but isn\'t :( I think it\'s about the thing \'none\' said... ok. have to check about that...