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More than 4000 downloads!

On september 15th PhotoScale reached 4000 downloads! Thanks for all the support!

Posted by Ale 2009-09-18

v0.3 uses JAI!

JAI library is used now for resizing, PhotoScale is now faster and produces better quality images.

Posted by Ale 2009-09-14

v0.2 Uses all your cores!

That's right, PhotoScale is completely multithreaded now and uses all the available cores on your computer, as a result it runs way faster!

Posted by Ale 2009-07-10

v0.1 With new stuff

This version has presets for sites like fotolog and facebook, also, the filenames are sorted in order in the selection list now.

Posted by Ale 2009-03-23

v0.070 ahora habla español!

PhotoScale! 0.070 now supports both, spanish and english languages, they're automatically selected based on your system configuration.

Posted by Ale 2008-11-01

Critical bug corrected in v0.062

There was a bug that caused the resizing to stop abruptly at 101 images when the lot was > 101. It has been corrected in this release.

Posted by Ale 2008-08-03

New Version! 0.060

This new release features a new proportional resizing system. Now you can scale directories with images of different sizes while keeping the aspect ratio!

Posted by Ale 2008-07-15

New version: 0.054

Added an option to change the prefix for the output files
Added a custom Icon
Added some input controls before executing the scaling process

Posted by Ale 2008-06-15

v0.52 Released!

This release comes with two new features: automatic version checking, and the possibility to change the swing look and use your system's default one.

Posted by Ale 2008-05-16

High Quality with v0.05

Version 0.05 released, it now has a better algorithm for photo resizing. It's a tad slower but definitely
worth it when resizing pictures.

Posted by Ale 2008-05-06

V0.042 is out!

-Fixed the progress bar, it actually works now :P
-Rearranged components in the GUI to make it look less ugly.
-Added a new dialog class to be implemented on future releases.

Posted by Ale 2008-04-27

Website Makeover!

I was bored today and did a makeover to the project website using a free template. It looks really slick now! ;-D

Posted by Ale 2008-04-26

Release 0.04 ready!

Well, v0.04 adds a nice feature, subfolder scanning, which makes it easier to scale all the images including the subfolders in one go. Read the notes about this though

Posted by Ale 2008-04-20

Version 0.03 released!

This new version adds a blur effect to smoothen large images before scaling to small sizes. This removes sharp edges on the scaled images.

Posted by Ale 2008-03-26