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Proffessional Cropping added

Professional cropping capabilities have been added. Information about the diagonal distances and dimensions of the cropping area has been added. Some minor bug fixes and code optimizations. Added manual destination folder selection.

Posted by Dimitar Rusev 2011-06-29

Simple Image Resizer Alpha

Simple Image Resizer is a straight forward designed portable application used to resize, compress and manage photos. It is using the .NET 3.5 Framework.
As a photographer I constantly need to resize images to upload to my website, so I needed a fast and simple solution. That’s how I came up with this project which turned out to be more intelligent and intuitive and the code behind it grew and evolved.
The application has multithreading functionality built in. A smart algorithm divides all the selected image files into groups of four and starts the resizing process on four different threads.
The main DataGridView control used to display and manage the selected image files has context menu functionality built-in. A progress bar displays the current progress. Files can be selected, removed, opened, previewed and displayed.

Posted by Dimitar Rusev 2011-04-29