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Development moves to Bitbucket

The primary development of libphorward has moved to Bitbucket now.
It can be found here:

Posted by beachcoder 2015-02-05

Extensions and new development version 0.18

The scheduled version 1.0 of the Phorward Foundation Toolkit has been aborted for now, and development on an extended version 0.18 has begun.

The upcoming development version 0.18 integrates a new, object-oriented approach of an implementation of a multi-paradigm (LR, LALR, and also LL) parser generator and grammar experimentation playground. The already integrated regular expression tools will be extended to new features that go in the area of lexical analysis and processing of different input streams.... read more

Posted by beachcoder 2013-09-03

Changed build-system to autotools

The version 0.17 of the Phorward Foundation Toolkit is nearly finished, and now uses GNU autotools as its general build-system. Other supported systems are Scons, and there is a project file for Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition.

The old, Makefile-based build-system, which was only capable to compile on Linux and MSYS with Visual C++, has been entirely removed now.

The version 0.17 is nearly finished, and will be made available with the final release roll-out of the UniCC LALR(1) Parser Generator version 1.0.0 (

Posted by beachcoder 2012-06-13

Source Control moved to Mercurial

Yesterday, the Phorward Foundation Libraries where successfully migrated from SCCS to the Mercurial SCM. The old subversion repository from, that only contained snapshots of the release versions, had also been removed. Now, the full Mercurial repository as from our development server with all changes can now also be found here, so enjoy!

Posted by beachcoder 2011-04-13

Uploaded development snapshot 0.15.8

Just now, a snapshot of the current version 0.15.8 was uploaded into the Subversion repositories, introducing revision 3, and as default release download.

Because the Phorward Foundation Libraries are continously under development and primarily use the CSSC (sccs) version control at our local development server, updates to the subversion repositories here at will only come sporadically.

Next version will be under 0.16.x further developed.

Posted by beachcoder 2010-10-15

Screencast for Linux setup

Hi there!
I have right uploaded a screen cast which demonstrates how to set the Phorward Foundation Libraries up under Linux. Maybe I will move the video from the files to e.g. YouTube or something like that soon...

Have fun!

Posted by beachcoder 2010-07-01