The Pharos Engine / News: Recent posts

Pharos v0.1.05 released!

This is probably the last release of Pharos for awhile, as development focus is shifting to the game itself. Notable in this release is support for Crazy Eddie's GUI system.

Posted by Jake 2006-06-25

Pandora v0.1.00 released!

Pandora is the physics simulation that goes along with the Pharos engine. This release is stable, reasonably fast, and ties in closely with the Pharos engine. You can use Pandora to control Pharos scenenodes directly using a free and fixed body simulation. The only motion controller for fixed body simulation as of now is an orbital controller, which can be used to set up rotating solar systems of Pharos nodes.

Posted by Jake 2006-06-21

Pharos v0.1.04 released!

The Pharos Engine v0.1.04 has been released! The engine is fast, stable, and supports model loading, shaders, materials, lighting, and a flexible scenenode system. Hopefully some techdemos might appear soon, as well as a website!

Posted by Jake 2006-06-18