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SECURITY RELEASES: 7.2.8 - 7.3.10 - 7.4.8 - 8.0.3

In order to address several security issues identified over the past two weeks, as well as one "low probability" race condition, we are releasing new version of PostgreSQL as far back as the 7.2.x branch.

Please note that the security issues were those already reported by Tom Lane, as well as a manual fix for them. These releases are mainly to ensure that those installing and/or upgrading existing installations have those fixes

For details on the fixes, please see the HISTORY file included in the Release, but a summary consists of:

* Change encoding function signature to prevent misuse
* Change "contrib/tsearch2" to avoid unsafe use of INTERNAL function results
* Repair race condition between relation extension and VACUUM
This could theoretically have caused loss of a page's worth of freshly-inserted data, although the scenario seems of very low probability. There are no known cases of it having caused more than an Assert failure.

Downloads are available via:


Please report any bugs to:


Posted by Devrim GÜNDÜZ 2005-05-11