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Multiple platforms

After having struggle with MySQL and win32 support, I am considering a complete over-haul of the system.

The "py" may be disappearing from the project. Currently, I am studying Java and UML. It seems like a good time to redisgn the project or just improve on it. If Java goes well, several issues may be fixed. But, for now, the "py Request Tracker Report" development will continue untill such time the the "J Request Tracker Report"+ is on the same level. At which point, I will have to decide whether or not keep the two development tracks. ... read more

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2004-05-17

1.0.14 Finally out and futrure plans

1.0.14 is late, but it is finally here. Changes mostly affect default database connection options. If 1.0.13 does what you want, keep it.

1.0.15 is underway, it will mostly be a much deserved update of WebRT to support RT 3. I am considering dropping if RT 2 support, but I may just leave although it wont be developed as actively.


Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2004-02-12

1.0.14 On the way

It's been 4 months since the last release. 1.0.14 will be minor update with a few changes:
- "mysql" will be the default database of choice
- "rt3" will the default version of rt
- minor bug fixes

With testing done so far, the release should be on 26 January 2004. There will be no features, so if 1.0.13 does what you want stickt with it.

A note to ponder: additional databases would nice to have

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2004-01-15

Repackaging and win32 support

"win32" support is in py RT report 1.0.13, but it is for "mysql" only, and the database options have to be read from the configuration file, at least for now. It should be regarded at a "beta".

Once again I am looking at 'distutils', and by the next release the should be proper setup scripts to support it. This will hopefully help with install and build process on different platforms.... read more

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-09-23

pyrtreport 1.0.13 Released

* "mysql" support. Reports are now be possible on RT
systems using "mysl" server
* additional database command option for
- hostname
- database name
- database user name and password
- databse port
* Documentation will be updated to include new features.

* "Disutils" build script is include in the source tar to help with the build process on different platforms, but it ont yet complete... read more

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-09-19

1.0.13 due on 19 September 2003

This release will mark the first release with MySQL support. Additional command line options for database connections have been added. Win32 support is still under development, but may be added in future releases.

Additionally, the project has been renamed due to the inclusion of MySQL. PosgtreSQL is still supported.

This should probably be a major release...

Long Live RT

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-09-17

No "win32" support in 1.0.13 but...

No "win32" support in 1.0.13 but, there may be in future releases. The problem has to do with a time function in python that is not supported on win32. To avoid inventing the wheel again, I am currently looking for functions/modules already written by other people like "mx".

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-09-09

Planned features and improvemts in 1.0.13

New features and improvements for the next release, 1.0.13 will include (or at least is expected to ):

* "mysql" support. Report will now be possible on RT
systems using "mysl" server
* additional database command option for
- hostname
- database name
- database user name and password
- databse port

* "Disutils" build script will be included to help with the build
process on different platforms... read more

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-09-03

"win32" Support?

Hmm... Support for the windows platform may be possible, but only for "mysql" as "pg" modules that are currently used don't not seem to have a windows port.

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-09-03

Renaming the project

With support for "mysql" underway, it seems appropriate to rename the project as "psql RT 2/3 Report" implies only "pg" is supported. The name "pyRT Report" is currently being tossed around. Or "pyRT Stats"

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-09-03

"Mysql" support planned for 1.0.13 Report

My company is currenlty in the proccess of migrating our existing RT databse to "Mysql". This will probably be done by end of the first week of September 2003. A week later there should be psql RT 2/3 Report with "Mysql" support. "Mysql" support will be consider exprimental but should mature as soon so extensive testing has been done.

Current status of "mysql" report : development
* Not sure how to package the RPM's, but two seem to make sense, one for "Pg" and the other for "mysql"
* Rename the project - remove "psql" from the name - as "Mysql" will also be supported... read more

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-08-29

Project Home Page Update

The home page has been finally updated. More information
will be added in future regularly.

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-08-20

psql RT 2/3 Report 1.0.12 is out

This release contains fixes for:
* dates in reports being left out
* "unresolved" status returning all tickets
* a configurable database config file
* daily resolved report script

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-08-15

psql RT 2/3 Report 1.0.12 Due on 15 August 2003

This will be a maintianance release to address the following problems:

--date fromDate:toDate is broken in 1.0.11
* The date on which the report is supposed to commence is
off by one date

--status unresolved is broken 1.0.11
* Specifying "unresolved" as a ticket status simply returned
all thickets regardless of theirt status

If you are using early version (1.0.11 or 1.0.6) an upgrade is strongly recommended.

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-08-13

MySql Support?

I have just started looking into the mysql python modules. MySql
support may be added in future releases. I will also be looking into
ODBC support. The ideal situation would be to have database

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-07-25

1.0.11 psql RT 2/3 Report on the way

Version 1.0.11 will be out on Monday 28, Jully 2003.
The release will be the second public release and will include:
- Dif (Data Interchange Format) support
- Rewrite of the report generator ""
- Experimental support of RT 3, while maintaining RT 2
- More options for report generation, e.g. excluding users or
queues, etc
- Python 2 support

More news later

Posted by Mixo Shiburi 2003-07-25