Pgf/Tikz with latex2html?

  • Mattox Beckman
    Mattox Beckman

    I have been unable to get pgf to work with latex2html.  Has anybody tried it and gotten good results?  Typically, the graphics are "ignored" altogether, though once in a great while they are merely clipped.  I tried all the tricks I used to use to get pstricks graphics to work, but nothing came of it.

    Sorry if this is obvious, but I've been unable to turn up anything on any of my searches.

    Here's a sample taken from one of my documents.  If I leave the "Hi There" in, it seems to display some graphics; but if I take it out, it clips almost all of it.

    Thanks for looking at this!



    \newcommand{\lpointer}[2]{node (#1n) {#2}
       node (#1a) [right of=#1n,databox] {} ;
      \fill ( circle (0.1em) }

    \tikzstyle{databox} = [fill=blue!20,draw=blue!60,thick,minimum size=2em,node distance=2em]

    \path (0,0) \lpointer{a}{a} ;
    \path (2,0) node (1a) [databox] {0} ;
    \path node (1b) [databox,right of=1a] {10};
    \path node (1c) [databox,right of=1b] {20};
    \path node (1d) [databox,right of=1c] {30};
    \path node (1e) [databox,right of=1d] {40};
    \draw ( edge[->] (1a) ;
    Hi There!


    • Martin Heller
      Martin Heller

      Try using tex4ht and htlatex in stead.



      in the preamble and complie with htlatex. I don't think latex2html is supported.

      • Mattox Beckman
        Mattox Beckman

        Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for.