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Translation Of Project

  • Good day!
    I want to translate Your project to Russian.
    How could I do it???

    My e-mail is:

    vl [at]

    • Carlotto Luigi
      Carlotto Luigi

      To begin, I thank you very much for your cooperation!

      If you're referring to the current version (pgDesigner 1.2.9), you can download the sources, then create a new file for your language and enter your translation.

      In the published version, the files are "*.po", respectively for languages: English (U.S.), Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese (simplified).

      Now I have this encoding of the Russian language, but I think it is "ru".

      For translation you can use any translation program, there are different in Linux, but it is important to use the standard "po.".
      Alternatively you can use directly the Gambas IDE environment, selecting this menu, but please note that the version must be used for creating pgDesigner 1.2.9!

      Finally, you can send to me the file directly via email, or by the same method used to send this message to me.

      I await your news!