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#29 Error loading object! Incomplete data


Hi all,

I'm trying to use pgDesigner 2.0 alpha (from the depot) and I'm running into a bug when I'm trying to reverse engineer my database :

Error loading object!
Incomplete data.

In the terminal, I have a lot of lines like that :

gb.db.postgresql: cannot set encoding to ANSI_X3.4-1968

I'm running ubuntu 11.04. I've compiled the project (from the repo) with gambas 2.21. My database is postgresql 9.0. Everything is in UTF-8 and I have 89 tables, few checks, few triggers. Nothing weird on it.

To reproduce the error I have to :
- Import from external sources
- Load from database, fill the form (check connection is OK)
- Click on start.

The log is irrelevant, it only says the exact same thing as the error.

If you manage to fix it, I'll can test it more deeply.

Thank you,



  • Carlotto Luigi
    Carlotto Luigi

    This is very strange, I can not figure out where it took the strange decoding ANSI_X3.4-1968.
    The current version of Gambas2 is 2.23.0, but I do not think that this could be causing the problem.
    Actually I'm having some problems with UTF-8 encodings, in particular the connections to the database, and I would not have depended on some change in the library reported in the log.
    I analyze the problem, hoping to solve it.
    Thanks for reporting!

  • Carlotto Luigi
    Carlotto Luigi

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  • Thank you for your quick answer.

    If you want me to do sth I can share some files/logs... I can try to build the project in debug mode if any.

    Let me know.

  • I did a few more steps and I've noticed something more in the terminal :
    WARNING: cannot switch to language 'en_US'. Did you install the corresponding locale?

    So I've checked my locales and surprise, the actual locale was ANSI_X3.4-1968 !! I think it switched when I upgraded for Gnome 3 (huge mistake..). I set the en_US locale back and reboot the computer.

    It's sadly not working better. The messages about ANSI_X3.4-1968 are gone but I'm still having the "Error loading object!" and the warning about the en_US language when I start pgdesigner...


  • Anonymous

    Sorry for the spam but I didn't noticed I wasn't logged in. So nobody in the previous posts was me, Cyril.

  • Carlotto Luigi
    Carlotto Luigi

    It is not necessary to restart the computer.
    If you read the README, you could start pgDesigner2, from the command line, defining the language directly into the terminal.
    Anyway, I had never read of a type-ANSI_X3.4 1968. However, I think I have remedied by placing a check in the latest version.
    I think the error message refers to the previous problem. Perhaps the project was saved with an invalid local, and now can not read it.
    You can check with a text editor, if there are accented characters, or characters that are not readable. Possibly try to correct the file, replacing the characters with regular ASCII characters, and try to reload the project.


  • Anonymous


    I have some news !

    I've deleted every single files, grabbed the latest version from SVN and compiled it again. The reverse engineering seems to work, but I still have two problems :

    1) During the import I got a lot of errors (always the same but for every tables) :
    Query failed: ERROR: column "tgisconstraint" does not exist
    LINE 1: ...me = 'name_of_my_table') AND (NOT tgisconstr...

    But it does not seems to have any effect on the reverse engineering.

    2) Once the datas loaded, when I have all my tables on the diagram view (89 tables), it is properly unusable. It lags SO much. I have a delay of approximatively 10 secondes between the drag of a table and the move on the screen. It takes almost 5 secondes to open a dialog when I double click on a table. Every manipulation on the graph is so slow. I don't think this is my computer, it's a powerful one.

    Thank you for your answers

  • Carlotto Luigi
    Carlotto Luigi

    Forgive me if I answer so late, but this time it is very difficult.

    I hope that the latest releases have solved the problems they've experienced.
    However, in reality there is a problem of slowness in the plotting, which does not depend exclusively on slow computers, but from the core libraries Gambas. Currently I'm working on this problem, and I hope to resolve it as soon as possible, possibly using advanced graphics libraries (eg OpenGL).