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PhpGmailDrive / News: Recent posts

Important update notice for PGD

Gmail server has some major changes, so PhpGmailDrive WILL NOT work UNLESS you update libgmailer file.
1. Download latest libgmailer from
2. Overwrite libgmailer.php file in PGD folder.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2006-04-18

How to Fix IE "Save" bug

It was found that clicking on download Links in PGD Internet Explorer showed File not found error. However user could save file with "SAVE AS". To fix it add "Cache control" lines in dl.php

header('Cache-Control: max-age=10800, private');
$gm->getAttachment($attid, $mid, "php://output", true);

For detail you can check patch: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1395028&group_id=125071&atid=701492

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2006-01-02

XML Flash client for PhpGmailDrive(PGD)

PhpGmailDrive (PGD) announced that it would add XML-Shockwave interface in its next release. A test demo site has been setup in http://www.rahat-ayub.com/pgd/pgd_0_3_4/ You can send email to conversation_at___gmail.com to test it.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-12-31

How to show all attachments in PGD

In config.php set FILTER value to F_OFF instead of F_GMAILFS

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-09-29

How to fix exe_rename

exe files are automatically renamed by Google. To fix that you can follow the two simple steps.

In index.php file:
Find the line:
$att_file .= urlencode($item1["attachment"][$i]["filename"]);
after that add following line
$att_file = ereg_replace(".exe_renamed", ".exe", $att_file);

In dl.php
Find the line:
$acn = isset($_REQUEST["n"])? $_REQUEST["n"] : 0;
after that add following line
$fname = ereg_replace(".exe_renamed", ".exe", $fname);... read more

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-09-29

PGD 3.3 released

PGD 3.3 released.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-09-25

PGD 3.2a release due to recent Gmail server changes

Users requested to update their existing release.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-07-30

PGD 3.2 down due to change in GMail server

Due to some change in Gmail server PGD 3.2 is not working. We are working to fix it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-07-29

PGD Wiki

A new Wiki was created. We often receive mails regarding new idea or suggestion. From now on submit news in PGD Wiki.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-07-24

PGD 0.3.2 released

Dmitri Ivanov has reported a security flaw in PGD 0.3.2. Users are requested to upgrade their PGD. User interface has been made simpler but we welcome any better designs from experienced graphics designers.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-07-07

Site updated with step by step installation guide

We have updated PGD home page at http://pgd.sourceforge.net. I recommend you read online installation guide at http://pgd.sourceforge.net/pgdtutorial/

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-06-29

PGD Gmail-Snapshot issue

PhpGmailDrive(PGD) uses original configuration of Gmail. If you upload many files then it sometimes show 10 or 50 files. Try setting your Gmail setting to show more file. We have already fixed it. We will release it with our next version.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-06-26

PGD 0.3.1 released

Gmail access error due to change in Gmail URL is fixed.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-06-22

Gmail system Upgraded - We are fixing

Just to inform you that PGD 0.3.0 users may sometime find NO FILES in Gmail drive. This is because recently Gmail changed its system. We made some a Fix for that but please wait 2-4 days..we want to release it with few new features.

However, users are requested to add themselves in our mailing list so that we can contact them immediately after release.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-06-22

PGD Installation guide released

A step by step tutorial for PGD installation is now available. We hope non-php users will feel more comfortable with this friendly tool

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-06-21

Screenshot added

Screenshot of PGD 0.3.0 demo uploaded. Click on "Screenshots" link at the menubar on the top of PGD sourceforge page.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-06-14

PGD 0.3.0 released

-Enjoy Multiple Gmail Account (alpha)
-Share with multi-level folders view.
-PHP Coding improved.
-Configuration file reorganized for quick installation

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-06-14

New demo site

If you like to link your Gmail drive as DEMO site, just mail me. However, check hosting policy of your ISP especially Free hosting site if they allow you to do so.

Recently added site: http://gmail.5gigs.com/pgd/

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-06-09

Demo site

Demo site of PGD is in <a href=http://www.rahat-ayub.com/pgd/pgd_0_2_1/>http://www.rahat-ayub.com/pgd/pgd_0_2_1/</a>. If anybody likes to publish his own PGD site, please mail me

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-06-07

PGD 0.2.0 bug due to change of Gmail protocol

We have fixed a bug due to change of Gmail protocol. Thanks libgmailer to fix it. Please download and test PGD 0.2.1 (alpha)
and let me know over opensource_nospam_@gmail.com

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2005-05-24

PHP Developer wanted

Good PHP Developer are requested to contact at opensource__gmail.com. Think it as your own project.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2004-12-12

Php Gmail Drive release

0.20 is released under LGPL.

Posted by Rahat Ayub 2004-12-03