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Posted by Chris Maj 2004-04-13 refreshed

Visit the web site to find more content and some next version items such as users and users groups, taking pgaccess closer to FullSupportOfAllPostgreSQLObjectTypes.

Posted by Iavor Raytchev 2002-11-13

0.98.8 beta 2

Beta 2 is out at This is the first branch solely for bugfixes, as main CVS is now open for new stuff.

Posted by Iavor Raytchev 2002-11-05

pgaccess 0.98.8 beta 1 released

pgaccess 0.98.8 beta 1 has been released together with PostgreSQL 7.3 beta 1.

The release contains major advancements in the GUI and functionality.

pgaccess 0.98.8 will be released together with PostgreSQL 7.3

For more information visit the pgaccess web site -

Posted by Constantin Teodorescu 2002-09-12

Project PgAccess started !

Yes, on April 25 I have registered PgAccess as a new project at Sourceforge. Developers are requested to subscribe to the project in order to help pushing PgAccess to the 1.0 version. Teo

Posted by Constantin Teodorescu 2002-04-26