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pg_rman / News: Recent posts

pg_rman 1.2.11 is released.

pg_rman 1.2.11 is released.
This is a minor version up and includes below changes:

  • Supports PostgreSQL 9.4.
  • Enable to set 'latest' in recovery-target-timeline command line option in restore. [ticket #89]
  • Do not erase the target database directory in restoring with non-existing recovery-target-timeline. [ticket #90]
  • Enable incremental backup after database creation. [ticket #92]
  • Improve regression tests and add .travis.yml for Travis CI. [ticket #93]
  • Remove unsafe code from get_lsn() [ticket #94]
Posted by Takashi Ohnishi 2015-01-08

pg_rman 1.2.10 is released.

pg_rman 1.2.10 is released.
This is a minor version up and includes below changes:

  • Fix the bit-shift calculation mistake.
    During backup from standby server, pg_rman could get stuck. [Ticket:#88]
Posted by Takashi Ohnishi 2014-09-05

pg_rman 1.2.9 is released.

pg_rman 1.2.9 is released.

This is a minor version up and includes below changes:

  • Recalculate checksums in restoring
    Previously pg_rman did not restore data for database with checksum,
    because it rewrote page header in restoring and this caused checksum mismatch.
  • Remove unreliable dirent->d_type check in catalog.c
    The current code did not care in a case when d_type = DT_UNKNOWN is returned.
    Because of this, pg_rman show does not work in XFS.
  • Better error message for incremental backup failure
  • Use PGXS by default in Makefile
  • Improve regression tests handling pgbench and pgport
  • Some refactoring and removing dead codes, modifying help messages
Posted by Takashi Ohnishi 2014-08-12

pg_rman 1.2.8 is released

pg_rman 1.2.8 is released.

It include bellow changes:

  • archive backup completely didn't work. Fix this.
Posted by otsuka.knj 2014-03-31

pg_rman 1.2.7 is released

pg_rman 1.2.7 is released.

It include bellow changes:

  • Supporting PostgreSQL 9.3.
  • Fix the problem that attempted to execute a restartpoint before replay the WAL of checkpoint.
  • Fix issue not to compress the backup_label, in case of backup from standby and use -Z (--compress-data) option.
  • Prohibit to backup using snapshot storage from standby.
    This feature did not work properly from a previous version.
Posted by otsuka.knj 2013-12-27 Labels: release