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How to reset Admin Password ?

  • Hi,i have used this app from 7 to 8 months and from last week i forgot my admin password so please let me know how to recover it using XML or how to reset it.Because my all data and user need to be updated but due to this admin policy i won`t so tell me how to reset it????

  • Kai Reinhard
    Kai Reinhard

    Administration Guide
    8.1 Reset passwords

    As an administration user you can reset the user's passwords. If you've lost the administrator's password you can reset the password by updating the database entry like
    update t_pf_user SET password='SHA{2F1E969683DE272AC96D5AA6033E93A8CB2F283F}' where username='admin';
    This encrypted passwords represents 'manage'. See the log file for encrypted passwords after login failures, if you want to set another password via sql. For HypersonicSQL shutdown the server and edit the ProjectForgeDB.script file like this:
    INSERT INTO T_PF_USER VALUES(1, ..., 'SHA{2F1E969683DE272AC96D5AA6033E93A8CB2F283F}',...,'admin')

    Please let us know if this won't work.

    Last edit: Kai Reinhard 2014-05-14
  • Thanks !!!Its works for me