pfc2_ide-0.7.8 released

- Reorganized tab creation to allow multiple tabs. Each editor tab
now has a struct indicating filename, and changed status.
- The run_file_dialog now actually uses the title parameter
(instead of always putting 'Open file')
- The tool buttons for running now call the corresponding
callbacks for the menu items.
- Moved opening of a default file to the MainWindow_realize
- Changed nane of run_file_dialog to filename_selected.
- File|New now starts with a 'New file' name, and doesn't open
the file dialog.
- Save as... doesn't get disable anymore.
- vte_terminal_fork_command needs shell command in argv.
- Help|About dialog added.
- Set a custom prompt in terminal.
- Updated the Spanish translation.

Posted by John Coppens 2011-04-22