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Developer Release 0.07_01

A minor bug was discovered by Warren Smith in the decode: modifier ( This release corrects the problem and adds tests to ensure it does not return.

Posted by William McKee 2005-01-14

Release 0.06

The full release of Petal::Utils v0.06 is available. It will be coming to a CPAN mirror near you soon.

Posted by William McKee 2004-08-20

v0.06 Release Candidate 02 Available

Petal::Utils provides a set of Perl modules which add useful template modifiers to Petal, the Perl Template Attribute Language.

This release adds several new modifiers including limit, create_href, substr, printf, and a new if/then/else construct, decode (borrowed from Oracle).

Please test and submit feedback to the Petal mailing list or module authors. Unless bugs are reported, this release will be making its way to CPAN shortly.

Posted by William McKee 2004-08-17