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Release Date Set

The release date for Packet Edit Studio is set for

August 17, 2008

What Is Done:

- PHP Parsing Engine / Loading Engine
- Packet Sniffing Engine
- The Sniffing Console
- The Sniffing Console
- The calculator console
- The editor

What needs to be added before release:

- A window for viewing php script results /
highlighted packet info
- Other general tools
- (Simple Packet Editing System?)

Posted by SourceMagik 2008-07-17

Project Name

I renamed the project to "Packet Edit Studio" because when I originally named the project I foolishly did not check to see if a similar name was already in use.

Posted by SourceMagik 2008-05-29


I started writing this program a few years ago and was going to make my own scripting language for packet parsing. Going through an old hard drive about a month ago I found the project again and then it hit me that php would be perfect for what I wanted.

The packet sniffing engine is done, i am now adding in packet editing support and working on integrating a php parser into the sniffer (you will need to have at least php4 on your pc to run the parser).

Posted by SourceMagik 2008-05-16