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New Personalblog Release (1.2.6)

Finally released 1.2.6 Version
There a eclipse ready source and a war file. To get the war running change the conf/resource/ to pointo to your mysql database. (it can be done afterdeploy, but reset the server).

New features :

a new default layout (less red colors :) )
Changed to hibernate 2
More i18n pages (wizard,comments)
Properties editor (Niel)
Three types of editors : simple text, javascript and java applet
Comments are now ordered (descending)
Comments are now shown with date and time (emerson)
Email notification for new comments (Matthew Payne, Niel Eyde)
Personalinfo is recorded (in cookies) while commenting (emerson)
Installation Wizard : (emerson)
Better exception handling (all)

Posted by Emerson C 2003-09-04

Upgraded to hibernate2 and news of the CVS version

CVS version was upgraded to hibernate2. Thanks to Matthew Payne.
CVS version is now being reestructured to allow little or even none previous configuration. Take a look and take part of this.

Posted by Emerson C 2003-07-16

Released version 1.2.5 of personalblog

Just released version 1.2.5 of personal blog at sourceforge.

It has some changes in functionality, mostly corrected some bugs it had due of change in calendar tag library (now paid) for a javascript + java calendar. It will be extracted to a tag lib in the future. It has a lot of refactoring of action classes into a superclass.

The version 1.2.4 didn't had any release, since I was correcting this bugs above. But it had a some big changes in the code :... read more

Posted by Emerson C 2003-06-29

personalBlog 1.2.3 released

personalBlog 1.2.3 was released. It has some additions, like users count and showing hosts (for adm only). Some pages are internationalized (still some work to do). Mysql jar is at lib dir now. Last and Next links of calendar are woking now. See release notes or change.txt files for more. See it running at :

Posted by Emerson C 2003-06-26

First file release

The first file release of personalblog has been made. Try it at the files section. There's the source distribution and a war distribution. For the last case download the scripts too.

Posted by Emerson C 2003-06-21

version 1.2.1, now it looks real ok

Now it looks everything is working nice :

the version is tagged, gonna make a file release tomorrow. If someone tested from cvs, it would be nice :)
The version at is still 1.2.0, sorry, i forgot to update, maybe anthill would be a solution to this forgetfulness :) so if you gonna use it, please change the to 1.2.1 :)

Posted by Emerson C 2003-06-21

Released 1.20 Version (with Ant build)

CVS was tagged with 1.2.0 version. This build contains ant build and deploy, log4j/Commons logging, the jar's on cvs.
The calendar taglib was taken off, now the calendar is javascript, but still doesn't has links, will be written as soon as possible.
Toguether with this releases, the personalblog sourceforge function are being enabled, as mail lists, bug and feature tracking.
soon : anthill for automatic build/test/tag/publish

Posted by Emerson C 2003-06-20

PersonalBlog Now Uses Hibernate

The latest version of PersonalBlog has been checked into CVS. This version uses Hibernate for persistence, and there are various new features.

Posted by Niel Eyde 2003-06-18

PersonalBlog Initial Check-In Complete

I have finally updated the projects with all the source files for PersonalBlog. I haven't created any project files yet, but you can view and check-out the source code.

A live PersonalBlog weblog can be viewed here:

Posted by Niel Eyde 2003-04-25