#1 Long word go out of text field


If you a enter a word that is too long to fit in the text field, it will go out of the borders of the field.
Of course, there is no such long word in the dictionary, but since it is a quality software, it would be better if you corrected this issue.


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    Hi I am Pirooz
    1. it dosent work on touch screen display like P990, I think it is easy to enable touch screen display in this dictionary on UIQ 3 platform, please make it enabale if it is possible for you!

    2. Use " * " key for "Translation" too, because its address is same in every phone, all phone has the clean key & Translation is the most important action, many phones like Motorola hasn't an special key for Translation in this dictionary, so please use " * " key as secondary translation key!

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    it will be very nice & executable in all phones if you are using an external data base!
    means data base not included in jar file for example dictionary use data base
    which is in a folder in memory card!
    I think it is only way to make increase jar size & make it smaller than 128kb
    I dont know if it is possible for you or not!

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    Has now been fixed with version 2.0

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